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Acappellus360 Returns!

The first year was such a rousing success that we’re doing it agwin! In the ancient tradition of having a pint and singing your lungs off at the bar, Tellus360 presents this truly original musical event. Here’s how it works: You organize a team of between 3 and 10 of the finest singers you can assemble and prepare two songs for competition. Here’s the catch: your songs must be performed without any instrumental backing; just you, your voices and a crowd of people just waiting to start singing along! Don’t be fooled by the communal fun of singing with your fellow patrons, this is a full-fledged battle of the voices with a team of crack celebrity judges waiting to send you back to your seat…or into the the next round of competition! The ultimate survivor will receive a champion’s prize pack of Tellus related goodies!

Some tips for competition:
1) Pick songs that you think the crowd will know and like. Crowd participation is a key to your ultimate success.
2) Be prepared for shenanigans: though we’ve asked you to perform two songs, there are three rounds and all sorts of room for mischief.
3) The competition is open to all level of singers and styles of music. Originality and creativity might win the day over technical proficiency if you tickle the fancy of the judges and the crowd.
4) Have fun! People like fun