December 7, 2012 · 5:00pm

Namaste everyone! This First Friday we are excited to have our Nepali friends back in the store to perform their traditional dances, share food, and possibly do some more henna tattoos! These young girls impressed all of us with their artistic henna tattoos last month and this time they are kicking it up a notch. This family is also helping Laurel make Nepali food for Friday evening! For a couple of dollars you will have the chance to try several different dishes. Further donations are always welcome:)

They have been more than helpful with Laurel’s efforts to raise money to go to Nepal in January for 3 months. She will be helping with Saprinu, a cause we support fully here at Tellus360. Our owner, Joe, just got back from a 2 week trip to Nepal he took with his sons. He spent time helping at the school in the village and has been sharing some pretty amazing stories and pictures. Laurel will also be helping with the school that was started 2 years ago by Brooke Laura. The school in Archale focuses on teaching kids life skills they can use and apply to work in their village rather than going overseas to work as unskilled laborers. The school strongly encourages kids to find their own unique interests and talents by enforcing a non-tradition curriculum that includes classes in art, music, leadership, and outdoor education. Saprinu mean to flourish, thrive, and prosper in Nepali and Saprinu recognizes the importance of preserving their rich culture. In the long run the hope is to create and foster a sustainable community that will better the lives of the people and environment.

The money raised on Friday will be split between Laurel and her 4 helpers, so please come on out for a fun evening of fantastic dancing, tasty food, and a reason to help good cause…and tell your friends!!!

We will try to have the food prepped and ready to be here around 6pm. Dancing will commence sometime around 7, and if time allows we could have another round or henna tattooing!

You can also read Laurel’s Nepal blog learn about our involvement in Saprinu!