August 30, 2012 · 7:00pm

This night is not one to miss!

We are hosting a night for Saprinu, which is a charity based in Archale, Nuwakot Nepal. Their goal is to build a community run school that uses modern teaching principles and multi dimensional curriculum, to provide the knowledge and skills for students, teachers and the community to break the cycle of poverty.


This night is to give you the chance to understand how people live in Nepal, the poverty cycles that exist there and how Saprinu is striving to break these cycles.



What are we looking for?

The aim of the night is to raise awareness for the lives people live in Nepal, and to offer you a variety of opportunities (both monetary and non-monetary) in which you can help out.


We will come together to share stories, stories of life in Nepal, stories that have been transformative in our own lives. We hope people will leave at the end of the night realizing that we are all just a spoke in the wheel of change. Each of us has the ability to do something to make a difference in this world. We are not about pulling people out of poverty, not even about just building schools, or teaching organic farming. Saprinu embodies so many things, first and foremost making that human connection, reaching out to others when they are going through tough times. Saprinu and Tellus360 have come together sharing a common vision; change happens when each of us make the choice to take action!

Right now the school needs a ton of equipment and people to keep the school running. You can donate as little as an old USB memory stick which you don’t use, or you could even donate yourself and your skills to go to Nepal and work for a few months.

We will be posting a comprehensive list of what they need over the coming weeks.

This night will include a cocktail hour with beer and wine, Nepalese food, and live music from local artist Colin Deibler from 7-8. Followed by this we will have special guest and film maker, Terry Benedict show a preview of his documentary about trafficking in Nepal. Brooke Laura, founder of Saprinu, will then share with us her story and what Saprinu is all about. We hope to have a live video chat with some of the volunteers currently in Nepal, so keep your fingers crossed! There will be time for question and answer and you are welcome to stick around afterward and chat.



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