March 26, 2014 · 7:00pm

$10, $15 or $20 (all proceeds donated!) — Tix available at the door!

Join us for a night where the sense of community knows no boundaries.

Avi3We’re raising money for Avi, a 9-year-old boy who lives in the small village of Archale in Nepal. As you may recall, Laurel and Joe spent some time in Nepal last year with our friends from Saprinu, the nonprofit we partnered with to sell Nepalese handicrafts in our store to help support their work in the villages of Nepal.

For the past few years, Avi has been battling a variety of medical issues requiring frequent medical attention – something that’s not so easy to come by in rural Nepal. So we’re hosting A Night for Avi to raise some money for Avi and his family as they work to get him the treatments he needs in order to fully recover!

There will be Nepali food to eat. A wide selection of Nepali handicrafts will be for sale with proceeds going to the cause. There will be live music concert featuring Lancaster favorite Corty Byron.

Tickets are required, but you can choose if you would like to purchase yours for $10, $15 or $20. There will be other opportunities to donate money throughout the night as well, or if you cannot make it out, you can visit Laurel’s campaign to raise money and donate online here.


Avi’s Story (from Laurel’s fundraising page)

Avi1As you may or may not know this time last year I was living in the rural village of Archale where I got to know all the amazing people that live there. Many of them took me in as part of their own family and offered to feed me, house me, teach me things, and just make sure I was always smiling or laughing. Sudan, his wife Susmita, and their sons Avi, 9 years old, and Anamol, 7 years old were one of my families away from home.

Sudan was Brooke Laura’s trekking guide when she went to Nepal 4 years ago and the two of them teamed up to start a school in Archale. He gave up his house to be used as classrooms and took on the role as principle. During the 3 years the school was active he and his family sacrificed so much in order to help better the lives of others in their village. About 2 years ago his son, Avi, became unable to walk due to a tumor that was compressing his thoracic spine. There were no doctors in Nepal that were capable of treating cases like Avi’s. So, with donations from friends and family they were able to fly to India for treatment. In January 2012 his tumor was finally removed and a year and a half later he regained movement in his toes, then legs, and within weeks was walking again on his own! I was privileged to have witnessed this miraculous feat. I remember the day Susmita came running out of the house calling for us to come see what Avi had just showed her. There was so much hope and joy for Avi on people’s faces as news spread throughout the village. Things were looking like Avi would be able to live the normal life of an 8 year old again.

Unfortunately, Avi’s tumor started to grow back and once again they needed to go India for radiation therapy in order to stop it from growing. This was only possible with help from people elsewhere that were financially able to donate. The results were positively optimistic. In December I talked with an Avi on the phone that was full of joy, energy, and happily playing with his brother and friends again. Sadly, recent news came from doctors that his spincal cord is bending to the left causing pain and other symptoms he experienced from the tumor. His diagnosis calls for 1 year of physiotherapy, which they can do in Nepal. If there is no improvement after 1 year he will have to undergo another surgery.

Just like Avi and his family took care of me it is now my turn to take care of them. Although their spirits and support are high their finances are low.