August 27, 2015 · 8:00pm

$20 suggested contribution at door to support AJ in his endeavors

A.J. Walker Farewell Soiree

aj wlaker

This is a going away party for A.J. Walker who has been a big part of the local music community. A.J. was a key part in getting the Music for Everyone Community Choir started, and has donated his time to them over the past few years to increase community reach, gain members, and provide awesome shows for the community. He has also been the music director at Linden Hall for a number of years and has helped their program grow and thrive, bringing home multiple competition wins and providing awesome concerts to the public. He has created programs for linden hall, and enhanced their music program a lot. He also gives private lessons to people in the community and has been instrumental in bringing other choirs to the area. A.J.  knows an amazing amount of people in the Lancaster Music Community, and there will be a definite void when he leaves for California, especially in the local Choir Community.

And there may be some special guests for this show!

Performances by:

MFE Community Chorus


The MFE Lancaster Community Chorus was founded in May 2010 to give people an opportunity to sing for the sheer joy of singing. We are a non audition, all age, multicultural body of singers


They Were Only Satellites


Pushing the throttle open further, you burn across the California desert to make it back to Dryden before sunrise. The taste of her lipstick is still on your tongue, mixing with the bourbon and cigarettes. Saying goodbye to her was a blur, your thoughts already on your test flight in a few short hours. The grinding of your tires on the asphalt, the pounding in your head and the wind rushing past your open window mix together into a sound… The churning of bass and the wail of a guitar that comes down like a far-off train, chugging and whistling it’s way over the distant mountains. And now the drums hit harder…harder…this is the sound of you wishing you could forget her, wishing you could put her angel face behind you…this is the sound of They Were Only Satellites.
From Lancaster, Pennsylvania, They Were Only Satellites plays roots rock with influences of Elvis Costello, Wilco, Joe Jackson and ‘60s garage bands. Often compared to Exile-era Stones, there is a definite punch-drunk swagger to their music that summons up blues, country and soul. While one moment is like a lonesome cry, the next can be a murderous howl of guitars. Formed in 2008, They Were Only Satellites has been orbiting over the Mid-Atlantic region, waiting for the signal from Ground Control to launch itself into a trajectory that covers the entire planet.

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hofmoi is the solo project of singer.songwriter Justin Gephart. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, it features a man and his guitar. Along the way there will be many guests and special surprises.

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