November 2, 2012 · 7:00pm

November marks the 1-year mark from that legendary moment when Huhn and Mike McMonagle jammed it out in the front room here at Tellus360, cementing the humble beginnings of what we now know, love and enjoy as the TableTop Sessions. Alright, we romanticize it a bit, but it has really been a YEAR!That said, our November TTS will take a celebratory turn and feature THREE MUSICAL ACTS! Yes, you read that correctly.

Mike McMonagle will open the night, followed by the immensely talented Kyle Morgan Band, with

Huhn closing out the night with rock ‘em, sock ‘em rock and roll!Remember, Tabletop Sessions are a time for community coming together over great free music, with Potluck style food & BYOB drinks!

If you’re planning on drinking, bring a six pack or bottle of wine (or champagne, or whiskey) to share, or something homemade to snack on!

If not, please bring some extra cash to throw in the TIP JAR for the musicians…


Mike McMonagle

At an age when most kids start playing with matches, Mike McMonagle was, also playing with matches. Luckily, the day came when matches lost their luster and he picked up a guitar. It was a Saturday, presumably, and the Pennsylvania sky was blue and cloudless (probably). The first chord he ever strummed was an E minor; to this day, Mike still plays that chord, along with others, to craft an array of folk-inspired ditties about riding trains, drinking wine and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Listening to Mike perform is like taking a deep breath while watching the sun rise on a crisp, dewy morning, after a sleepless night of heavy drinking.

Mike is currently in the studio, recording his debut album that is yet to be titled. Keep posted for updates……..

Mike McMonagle Music FB Mike McMonagle Music


Kyle Morgan Band

Pennsylvania songwriter, singer and guitarist Kyle Morgan and his band are dedicated to renewing the past and propelling it into the future. Shot from the backwood blues of the Mississippi Delta, into the rollicking rhythyms of the southern honky-tonks, through the heart of Appalachian balladry and landing in the dying flames of modern rock ‘n’ roll, Morgan’s music is a mosaic of American song tradition.

Kyle has performed with a large number of talented musicians, including Tennessee legend Rotten Belly Blues, The Everyone Orchestra, The Backroad, and Zee Avi. He and his band are currently in the process of making their first studio album, featuring members of Cabinet, Cold Fronts, Noble Savages, and many more. The record is due to be released this coming fall.

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Huhn is S.B., Z.S., and M.F.Lancaster based rock n’ roll. Influenced by War on Drugs & Led Zepplin, Huhn are done rehearsing in Steves Mom’s garage, and are now ready to blow the Pennsylvanian music scene out of the water!!

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