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Fitness Conditioning for Nepal Trek

A Word on Physical Fitness and Trekking

The beauty of trekking in Nepal is that it’s accessible to a wide range of physical abilities and allows each trekker to live up to his or her full potential! A typical day on the trail would go something like this:  7 or 8am wake up followed by a big breakfast; walk from 9-11:30am; long lunch break; walk from 1-3pm before finding a lodge for the evening. Evening meals are essentially extended happy hours without a lot of alcohol (doesn’t mix well with altitude) before heading off to a well-deserved early bed around 8:30pm.

Trekking is the ultimate freedom! Even though you’ll be with a group, you will be able to walk at your own pace. Trails are well-marked, and we will be walking with local staff, so trekkers are free to walk ahead or behind the main group. No pressure! You’re on vacation! As well, there will be porters available to carry our backpacks. Having said that, we will be walking in the highest mountains in the world and your trip will be much more enjoyable if you’re in a bit of shape. This trip is meant for you if you:

  • don’t exercise, but want to use this trek as a kick start

  • can walk a round of golf

  • go to the gym regularly

  • are a yogini or yogi

  • walk regularly in your neighborhood

  • are a runner or cyclist

  • are a hiker, even a fairly casual hiker

  • don’t exercise, but have the ability to suffer like a pig

  • like to run stadium steps

For any of you who are still intimidated, Himalayan trekkers come in all shapes and sizes, there are many folks on the trails over the age of sixty-five, and no, trekking is not a race. In fact, those of you with a little more life experience tend to do very well in the mountains because your brain knows how to pace your body. Here’s one casual trekker’s experience:

When my friend and I trekked in Nepal after law school, we annoyed all the other trekkers we encountered who had fancy “gear” because we were outfitted simply with cotton skirts and sneakers!  We also trekked with a carton of cigarettes, which appalled some (but certainly not all) of our fellow travelers. Since we had nothing to prove and just wanted to enjoy the experience, we hired donkeys on one or two days when the trek looked to be a bit more arduous. We enjoyed telling people that we went to Nepal and sat on our asses all day!! So the point is, I can vouch for the fact that you don’t need to be über fit to do a trek.
– Donna F