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Welcome to Tellus3Whiskey, your passport to an amazing world of whiskey, Scotch, and bourbon. Literally.
Cick here for a current list of our Tellus3Whiskey collection.

The Passport

At the heart of Tellus3Whiskey is your own personal passport which you can purchase from us for $25. This passport will be stored behind the bar for safe keeping.
By holding this passport, you are set for an adventure like no other. Our goal is to put together the finest collection of whiskey, bourbon, and Scotch in the area; a collection that will continue to grow so that you’ll always find something new to try. You’ll be able to taste some of the more popular brands as well as some rather rare finds. Along the way we have placed some milestones for you to work towards throughout the years.
After sampling your 25th whiskey from our collection we would like to present you with your very own Tellus3Whiskey hat, at 50, a Tellus3Whiskey shirt, 75 a Tellus3Whiskey sweatshirt to keep in the warmth of the whiskey. By this point you are fully decked out in Tellus3Whiskey attire and we hope you wear it as a badge of honor. As your journey through the whiskeys continues you’ll reach the next milestone 100 whiskeys. For this, we would like to present you with a glass of any whiskey of your choice. At 150, you’ll receive your very own bottle of Tellus3Whiskey: a rotating selection of whiskey made just for us. When you complete your journey through our first 200 whiskeys, you will be presented with a card that will grant you access to Tellus 360 on the weekends, free of charge.
This collection is housed in Tiġ Ċaleb (Caleb’s House) on our second floor, named in honor of our friend Caleb Walker, the founder of A Week Away.
Each time you try another drink, we’ll stamp your passport, and you’ll be on your way on a trip through some of the best whiskey in the world. You can record your thoughts on it, what was good, what was great and what was greatest. As we search the world for the finest samples, we’ll be taking you with us.


While even the most experienced whiskey drinkers will appreciate our collection, beginners will find  Tellus3Whiskey helpful as they learn about all the world of whiskey has to offer. You’re now part of a club, a community of fellow whiskey drinkers.
The Tellus3Whiskey passport is a way to travel the world of Whiskey. From Ireland to Japan and every where in between.
Grab your passport and hop on board for the journey!

Whiskey of the Week

Tigh Caleb boasts over 300 whiskeys which, while impressive, can seem intimidating to the everyday drinker. To better introduce our patrons to the extensive collection, we are starting a whiskey of the week. Each week we will select a whiskey for you to enjoy at a discount so that you can expand your whiskey knowledge without breaking the bank. Every Monday check our Instagram for the upcoming Whiskey of the Week and join us to enjoy the pour.

Stoll & Wolfe
Talisker 10yr
Jameson Limited Reserve 18yr
Tully 15 yr
GlenDronach 18yr
Knob Creek 12yr
TF White Rye
Spice King
Sagamore Spirit Rye
Nikka Pure Malt
Maker's No. 46
Lot 40
Knob Creek Bourbon
Kinsey 10yr
Jameson Caskmates IPA
Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey
Glenlivet Nadurra
Eight Oaks Bourbon
Auchentoshan Three Wood
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