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Ginger’s – A Turkish Tea Shop

Most of the time, simple is best. It was with that ethos that Ginger’s came to be. Inspired by our travels and the character of Tellus360, we decided to bring the modest, but intriguing, flavors found in the heart of the old world to you and with the same spirit of hospitality. Enjoy tastes perfected millennia ago the way they were meant to be; slow and easy.
Hours: 11am-6pm Every Day!


Brandy – 7.5 Enjoyed in sips, this decadent bracer has had over a millenia of development to bring you its subtle yet supple taste Available in Apricot, Quince, Grape.

Ouzo/Rakı – 7.5 Whether unwinding in the warmth of the Aegean sun or bracing for a Black Sea winter, you’ll want to have a glass of this aniseed flavored spirit at hand. The Turks call this enigmatic dram ‘Lion’s Milk’; Have one to find out why.

Irish Coffee – 7.5 First we drown our coffee beans in Powers Irish Whiskey, then we drown our whiskey in coffee…

Retsina – 15 More old world lusciousness. This white wine is resonated in pine that bears a flavor refined over two thousand years ago. Available in 500 mL bottle.

Beer – 5 From ancient Egypt to modern Pennsylvania, the world loves the stuff. Ask us what’s in this week.

Tea – .50 glass/2.50 pot Simple and strong, these Black Sea leaves will leaf you wanting more.

Coffee – 2.50 half pot/5 pot We grind the beans just for you and you can taste that to the bank. We offer a bottomless pot; only $5.00 for every two people.

Turkish Soda Water – 2 Naturally carbonated and chock full of vitamins and minerals, these little bottles pack a massive fizz.

Snacks – Market Price. They’ll always be something complimentary to complement your order; if you want more, just ask.

At Ginger’s, good things come in threes and that’s exactly what you’ll get…