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What is Tellusvision? Tellusvision is a weekly broadcast that will showcase anything and everything that happens at Tellus 360 via a news channel format. Our eventual goal is to expand to reporting on the local community, organizations and all things Lancaster. So if you know anyone that you think would avail of some screen time on Tellusvision shoot us an email @ We will compile a list of people that have emailed us and when we are ready to take the world by storm, we will contact you to come and film some content.

Definition of Tellusvision:
   The sensory perception of sight through the blurry and, occasionally, double-vision perspective of Paddy & Paddy.
(Guest Starring Skylar Chadson, Whisky Nick, The Green Wall Guru, Peppermint Preserves, Lancaster’s Love Laureate, Fiona and more to come!)