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Next Trips

May 2020 – West and Southern Ireland – CLICK HERE FOR INFO

Update: Nov 2nd, 2019 – Only 4 Spaces Left!

So what is this??

Well, put simply, these are trips to Ireland from Tellus360! It all started as just one annual trip to Ireland, but has grown to now multiple trips across.

Although the trips are open to everyone and anyone who wants to join in, nearly everyone who has been on the trip has had one thing in common – Tellus360! Between locals, regular to the store / bar, musicians, staff and just friends from around Lancaster we’ve managed to pull together groups of between 18 and 26 lunatics to come across the pond to explore the Emerald Isle.

There are two annual trips – One in May (Southern Ireland) and another in Sept (West and North-West) Ireland.

Who’s involved?

Each trip is curated by Mairtin Óg Lally and Joe Devoy, both first generation Irish:

Joe, founder of Tellus360, has lived in the US for most of his life and uses this trip as one of his annual trips home for his mother to wash his clothes. The fact that, despite living in America for over 25 years, Joe still has not lost any part of his accent whatsoever… Is amazing really!

Mairtin lived in Lancaster for 4 years working on the earlier versions / iterations of the organism that is Tellus360. Before moving to the US of A, Mairtin spent his youth pulling pints in his family’s bar in Galway City and washing the buses for his family’s tour company back in Ireland. On one of the Tellus360 trips to Ireland Mairtin decided to move home to Ireland again and to help continue and grow the family tour business… Mairtin is engaged to a gorgeous Lancaster Lady (both living in Ireland) and use the Ireland Trip info sessions as great excuses to get back to Lancaster a couple times a year!


Where did it all start?

For that we need to look back to 2010/11/12 when the whole Tellus360 thing was getting off the ground. 24 East King Street was the home to the first of what turned out to be many iterations of Tellus360.

Folks were visiting the store for shopping, art, furniture and gifts. Really, I think they were just visiting for the free wine and to hear Joe’s hearty laugh echo throughout the building.. Regardless of why they were there, nearly everyone would be talking about their connections to Ireland; how beautiful it is, and that they always wanted to visit, but never had the chance or that the timing was never right. Actually, the most frequent excuse was that it was too expensive, and took a month to fly there.

In hearing this all too often:  “Feck it, we should organise a trip to Ireland! It will be class!!!”

And now, years later, we’re constantly looking for victims to come join us on what has been dubbed as the “trip of a lifetime” – Just ask anyone who has been on this trip with us before :)

Is this the right trip for me?

If it’s leprechauns and Blarney stones and a whistle-stop tour that you’re looking for then maybe this trip is not for you. These trips are fairly casual, and the group tends to be very easy-going. We’re more focussed on giving you a taste of the true Ireland, with plenty of opportunities to meet our family, friends and other locals in the smaller towns around the country.

The towns we visit are usually a good mix of both “on” and “off” the beaten track. The activities are great fun, inclusive and unique. The food is fantastic, and the beer and whiskies are world class! The beds are super-comfy, the transport is smooth, and the start times are both sensible and flexible.

Most importantly: your guides are hilarious, drop-dead gorgeous and amongst the most modest in Ireland :)

If you’re not sure, just set a time to meet with Joe or to get on the phone with Mairtin and we can give a better idea if this is for you.

How many more friends will I make?

Trips to Ireland with Tellus 360 Lancaster PA

This trip will be limited to 26 guests. This will ensure that we can get around to the smaller towns and more quaint accommodations.

In saying that, some of our friends and family will be joining us for various parts of the trip, so this number may fluctuate up and down throughout the trips.


Ok – I’m interested.. What next?

If you are ready to go ahead and book, then CLICK HERE to browse the upcoming trips you want to go on. You can then book directly from the Tellus360 website, from that event page.

If you have any questions you can shoot them to

Is there a mailing list to keep me up to date?

Yup, here you go!

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