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Live on the Rooftop: Andy Mowatt


Andy Mowatt) is playing a solo set on the rooftop! It's hard to say exactly what instrument(s) he'll be playing for this one, but if you know Andy, you know you won't want to miss it.

Live on the Rooftop: Saudade Session – All Vinyl Bossa Nova


Saudade: a feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia characteristic of the Brazilian temperament.
Bill Speakman and Caitlin Mannix providing the gentle sounds of Bossa Nova for your Sunday afternoon enjoyment on the rooftop. Stricly vinyl, of course.

Live on the Rooftop: Corty Byron


Up on the roof... keys & acoustic guitar... sweet songs to rock yer soul!


Live on the Rooftop: Kevin Valentine


Whew!! Its been a looooong minute but it feels GOOD to get back in the swing. Join Andy Roberts on piano and KV on vocals for a few sets of the good stuff on Thursday 7/9 from 6-8. We will…

Live on the Rooftop: Vivace Live (duo)


Lancaster’s modern string quartet: Vivace Live has launched a new string duo who covers a wide range of musical styles. Setting a relaxing summer vibe with their violins, viola, ukulele, and instrumental pre-recordings, you’ll hear everything ranging from Van Morrison…

Live on the Rooftop: Jon Smith’s Voyages


"Sounds like David Bowie and Freddie Mercury had a love child," claimed one fan upon his first encounter with Jon Smith’s Voyages. A strange but bold statement, his analogy holds up. Many fans say the style of front man Jon…

Live on the Rooftop: Vinyl Set w/ Count Mingya


You know him as the vinyl DJ from An Sibin, but come out to hear Count Mingya spin a set in a different setting!

(p.s. don't forget your mask!)

Live on the Rooftop: Bob Esbenshade & Barbra Musselman


Come out and hear Bob Esbenshade & Barbra Musselman perform on our rooftop!

(p.s. don't forget your mask!)…

Live on the Rooftop: Hadassah & Andy



Hadassah Edith and Andy Mowatt are teaming up to give us a rooftop performance! Don't miss out on the chance to see these two well established local musicians play live!

(p.s. don't forget your mask!)


Live on the Rooftop: Vinyl Set w/ Budget Wax


What better way is there to spend a Sunday afternoon than listening to a vinyl DJ set from Budget Wax on the rooftop of Tellus360 with a nice cold drink in hand? We can't think of anything...

(p.s. don't forget your…