mayorrickgrayWhen I first was introduced to Mayor Gray, I was walking from market. Gail and Mayor Gray were doing the same. My first impression was this guy can’t be a politician – he seems cool and sincere. He seems genuine and he really does love his town.

Since then in many more meetings, what my gut told me in a split second has been proven out repeatedly. Whether in heated meetings or disagreements, in conversations about the Molly Maguires, Woodstock or his drinking days, the same thing always rings true. He is who he says he is, he believes in Lancaster with his whole being and even though he doesn’t always agree he does listen.

When towns and cities are struggling all around us I believe it is a great testament to Mayor Gray and his Staff how well Lancaster is doing. I am thrilled to be a part of The City of Lancaster and I feel lucky to live in a place where the Mayor is so accessible, so genuine and so flipping cool.

So I sat down with the Mayor in our brand new recording studio, with no great plan other than to try out the new equipment and have a chat.

Listen to the full interview here: