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Cal Tjader – Live at the Funky Quarters

Here we are again folks; another week, another album.  This week The Public Records is featuring another album by the virtuoso vibraphonist, pianist, and auxiliary percussionist Cal Tjader - the most famous non-Latin Latin jazz musician in American history (so far). …

11/8/19; Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

We've been putting out jazz and rock recently here at The Public Records and so thought it would be a nice mix to get a lil' miscellaneous this week and mix it up with some albums that aren't exactly homeless…

Keeping up with that synth – Lakeside’s ‘Your Wish Is My Command’

  • September 13, 2019
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  • Max Kornhauser

Dear people,

We shall return strong to our Synthtember September.  As you may recall, last week The Public Records decided to make this month a one dedicated to the synthesizer.  Each week in September 2019, we will focus on an album…

A Very Synthy September, 8/6/19; Patrick Cowley – Menergy

Happy First Friday everyone!  It's a new month, a new season. It's time change the course a bit. We're going to hit the ground running on the heels of the summer rock block we burned through with a selection of…

Back to the Block – Rising Force

Another week, another album; that's what we do here in The Public Records.  We took a break from rock'n'roll to explore our R&B section in order to explore how rhythm & blues in its early days branched off into the many different genres of modern American pop…

Stray Local

Artist Calendar Project: Now Taking Submissions!

We are now accepting submissions for the Tellus360 Artist's Calendar Project!
We will be producing a monthly calendar of events and we want to showcase the abundance of talented artists Lancaster has to offer! A winner will be selected for each…

2018 Spring & Summer Season Rooftop Opening RSVP!

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A Trip to Ireland

We recently hosted a trip back to our homeland of Ireland, in conjunction with Lally Tours.  Here are a few photos and videos to give you a small taste of the fun we had on our trip.

I Moved to Brooklyn the Other Day, Part 2

This is the fourth and final installment of a guest blogging series by Shawna Stoltzfoos. Read her first, second, and third entries here.
When I was in fourth grade, I asked my teacher, whose real actual name was Mr. Books, if…