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A Rooftop Proposal

This post is a guest post from Jon Robbins, about a very special day in his life.

Two years ago: I moved back to my hometown of Lancaster, PA, after being away for a few years. Carolyn and I met during…

Voe for Joe!

Joe Devoy for President - 2016
My fellow Americans; I, Joe Devoy, am running for President.  That’s right, today I launch my campaign to take back our country, to make it great again, to launch change you might be able to…

I Moved to Brooklyn the Other Day, Part One

This is the third installment of a guest blogging series by Shawna Stoltzfoos. Read her first and second entries here.
It happened almost overnight. It took years. It was quick. It was eternal. It happened. It didn’t happen. It never stopped…

Lancaster Roots & Blues in the Rearview Mirror

What an incredible weekend. The 3rd Annual Lancaster Roots & Blues Festival is in the history books, and we had a grand time. From the XPN Free at Noon with Marah on Feb 26th to our jazzy after party on…

Snowy Day Photography Lessons

This is a guest post from Jenny Foster, photographer at Industrial Resolution.

Snow is pretty but blizzards can be a little inconvenient for everyone. With my new job as a photographer for Industrial Resolution, I wasn’t too comfortable driving into the…

This Week in Photos at Tellus360 – February 3, 2016

Not really a week, but a few weeks of photos from various events we've had at Tellus360 since we opened in mid-January. That was quite some snowstorm, eh? And some of our photos have come from YOU, because you've posted…

A Concert for Refugees in Lancaster

There's a sign you'll see hanging in Tellus360 that says "All Who Enter These Doors Are Equal," and we truly mean that. No matter who you are, you are welcome at Tellus. And we'd like to think those words also…

Our Newest Space: Droichead

It's not a new room, but it's a space with a new name. Last year we named our second floor lounge Tiġ Ċaleb in honor of our friend Caleb Walker. Now we've done more work to the back portion of the…

The Morn of Christmas Day

The Morn of Christmas Day
By Joe Weitzel and Joe Devoy


Who would have thunk
We got so drunk
On the morn of Christmas day

Joey D
Plain to see
Falling all over the place

Kevin O’Money
Looking for a honey
Talking to a tree

Uncle Ken
Pissed again
The cock that found…

Beep Beep Bone Bone

This is the second installment of a guest blogging series by Shawna Stoltzfoos. Read her first entry here. 
I am a person who looks for the meaning in things. One time I saw a fox and I couldn’t get it out…