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Tellus360 St. Boniface Narrowback Irish Red Ale

Our very own Narrowback Irish Red Ale!
Made specially for us by the lads over at St. Boniface.


When we decided to meet with St. Boniface we wanted a nice house beer that encompassed the essence of Tellus360: welcoming, Irish, and easy…

The Home of COPA America in Lancaster

Soccer fans rejoice!

Tellus360 is the home of COPA America in Lancaster this year.

It's the 100 year anniversary of COPA America, and 17 teams, including the United States, will be competing for the centennial championship.

Come watch Messi, James, Chicharito, Bradley and…

Voe for Joe!

Joe Devoy for President - 2016
My fellow Americans; I, Joe Devoy, am running for President.  That’s right, today I launch my campaign to take back our country, to make it great again, to launch change you might be able to…

This Week in Photos at Tellus360 – February 3, 2016

Not really a week, but a few weeks of photos from various events we've had at Tellus360 since we opened in mid-January. That was quite some snowstorm, eh? And some of our photos have come from YOU, because you've posted…

A Concert for Refugees in Lancaster

There's a sign you'll see hanging in Tellus360 that says "All Who Enter These Doors Are Equal," and we truly mean that. No matter who you are, you are welcome at Tellus. And we'd like to think those words also…

Our Newest Space: Droichead

It's not a new room, but it's a space with a new name. Last year we named our second floor lounge Tiġ Ċaleb in honor of our friend Caleb Walker. Now we've done more work to the back portion of the…

The Morn of Christmas Day

The Morn of Christmas Day
By Joe Weitzel and Joe Devoy


Who would have thunk
We got so drunk
On the morn of Christmas day

Joey D
Plain to see
Falling all over the place

Kevin O’Money
Looking for a honey
Talking to a tree

Uncle Ken
Pissed again
The cock that found…

This Week in Pictures at Tellus360 – 11/24/15

Thanksgiving is just about here, and we're thankful for YOU and how you supported this year's Extraordinary Give. We've got pictures from the Great Giving Gig, as well as our first Scotch dinner and Tellus Jokes. Oh, and since we're…

Top 5’s for our 5th Birthday

November 5th, marks our 5th year here in Lancaster. Five years old! And to celebrate, we asked some of our staff and friends to help us out by giving us some of their Top 5 lists. At the end, you'll…

This Week in Pictures at Tellus360 – November 4, 2015

It was all about Halloween this past week at Tellus, and boy did we have fun. Lots of pictures to give you a taste of what it was like, plus some other events.

Thanks to Dan Gillespie at DGital for sharing…