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Devoy aggressive in refusal to talk!

October 11, 2013

On a rainy Friday morning, a visibly shaken Joseph Devoy refused to answer questions in relation to the finding of “The Book of the Dead” or regarding the Tellus360 basement murder. When asked for comment, the shop's…

“Book of the Dead” is Authentic

October 9, 2013

In a press conference today, Inspector Caruthers verified that an historian and ancient manuscripts specialist from Franklin and Marshall College has confirmed that the “Book of the Dead” found at Tellus360 during construction is, in fact, of…

Mutilated body found in Tellus360 during construction

October 7, 2013

It has been confirmed that human remains have indeed been recovered along with the “Book of the Dead” found last week in the basement of Tellus360. The body or method of death have not been determined, but…

Ancient documents found in the basement of Tellus360

October 4, 2013

During the construction of Tellus360's new music venue, it has been reported that a book over 1300 hundred years old was uncovered. The staff at Tellus360 has been quite close-lipped about it, but they did reveal…