It’s been another trip around the sun for all of us here at Tellus360 and The Public Records. Another spin of the solar system – some may even pontificate another spin of the record – while always, always collecting. A record collection is a living, growing thing. New musical tastes are constantly developing, a former DJ decides to downsizes, many things happen over the course of a year that affect the development and direction of what is being built.

The Public Records’ mission is to amass as many albums without prejudice for your consumption as possible. With holidays and special occasions happening frequently throughout a year, we make special reserve collections within collections to bring out at specific times. One such time is St. Patrick’s Day. For the last year, we have been snatching up all the Irish related wax we found. This has resulted in a 27 album addition to our Celtic Collection with some super goodies to really spice it up. Last night, we had Kevin go through and make his personal pick for St. Patrick’s Day and he selected a whammy to complement our pick for Pat’s.

One the albums selected is by an artist featured by The Public Records before, the other has not.  Kev’s pick is an album by the artist we’ve already featured, Rory Gallagher‘s ‘Sinner……and Saint’ (1975, Polydor) – a rocking lad who made Cork his second home (and that much cooler).  While our album of the week is from an ensemble that had a large hand in popularizing Irish music across the globe.

The Chieftains were formed in Dublin in 1962 by Sean Potts, Michael Tubridy, and Paddy Moloney – the ‘ard-ri’ or presiding player of the group. They came out of various previous instrumental groups and The Chieftains only played semi-professionally until the early 1970s while building a considerable fan base in Ireland and the UK. They were signed to Claddagh Records initially and in 1973 after gaining a foothold in America, they were picked up by Island Records which rereleased their early work.  In 1975, they worked on the soundtrack of Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon which then sealed the deal for them in the mainstream US market.

6 Grammys and collaborations with Van Morrison, Roger Daltry, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Luciano Pavarotti, and Sinead O’Connor later, The Chieftains have been making music for over 50 years.  In fact they are in the middle of their ‘Irish Goodbye Tour’ which has been postponed due to corona virus….

So grab a Guinness (they gotta go by Tueday) and glass of one of our majestic Irish whiskies! Slainte!