The sun has circled the Earth once again.  A brand new year has been born.  Another February 14th, another Valentine’s Day.  Here in The Public Records, we’ve decided to forgo roses and chocolates and hit you with music instead (don’t worry, you’ll feel no pain).  In order to best get the mood going, some sultry lovers’ soul was selected.

In Chicago in 1958 at Marshall High School, a boy band vocal group was formed consisting of Curt Thomas as lead vocalist, tenor I Larry Johnson, tenor II Jesse Bolian, and the bass Aaron Floyd.  Two years after the group was formed, Curt Thomas left and was replaced by Robert Dobyne and The Artistics were finalized.  That same year, they sang at the Democratic National Convention  They were soon picked up by Major Lance as backup singers and were signed by OKeh Records, but their early records weren’t big sellers.

Robert Dobyne left the group in order to write for The Temptations and was replaced by Charles Davis who was then replaced by Marvin Smith.  This line up seemed to work and they gained a local hit – a cover of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Get My Hands On Some Lovin”.  This led to another hit, this time a national one, ‘This Heart Of Mine’ which reached number 25 on the Billboard R&B chart.  However, OKeh Records wasn’t able to turn these successes into sales and so The Artistics moved to Brunswick Records.

This move seemed to do the trick with new producers directing things in the studio and this is where we find them.  Our album of the week also happens to be The Artistics first album on Brunswick RecordsI’m Gonna Miss You (Brunswick Records, 1966).  The album shot to number 9 onto the R&B charts and 55 on the pop charts.  The group went on to record several more albums in the 60s and early 70s and they were considered to the peak of the Chicago R&B scene and are massively popular in the Northern Soul scene.  In 1973, the group left Brunswick Records, but soon split up afterwards.

I’m Gonna Miss You is a solid soul album full of love songs to make Valentine’s Day vibe.  Fast and slow dances abound on both the A & B sides and the vocal abilities of Davis, Johnson, Bolian, and Floyd demonstrate range and maturity beyond their years.  Grab your special someone and a Campari & Prosecco Spritz, drop the needle, and get loving going…..