Hey there P. Recordeers as the new decade dawns, we’re are back in action and hitting the ground running.  Over break we procured several crates of pure class wax and we’ll be stocking the shelves with tons of awesome albums for the next few months.  To kick it off, our first album of the week in the new year is a banger by one of our favorite artists; Idris Muhammad and his 1978 album Boogie To The Top (Kudu).

Idris Muhammad (born Leo Morris) was a drummer and percussionist from New Orleans who demonstrated considerable talent at an early age – recording with Fats Domino while still in his teens.  During his earlier years he played mostly on R&B albums, recording with artists ranging from Sam Cooke to Curtis Mayfield.  As he matured, he began to develop an affinity for jazz and worked with artists such as Pharoah Saunders, Ahmad Jamal, Bob James, and many more.

His funky drummer style was very influential and its effects can be felt in many modern genres including house and hiphop, being sampled by The Beastie Boys Fatboy Slim, The Notorious B.I.G, Tupac, Nas, and LL Cool J to name a few.  While many of his tracks and the time of their release dominated radio air play for weeks at a time.

Grab a glass of Hennessy and soda and boogie to the top down in the bottom of Tellus360.