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Cal Tjader – Live at the Funky Quarters

Here we are again folks; another week, another album.  This week The Public Records is featuring another album by the virtuoso vibraphonist, pianist, and auxiliary percussionist Cal Tjader - the most famous non-Latin Latin jazz musician in American history (so far). …

1/17/2020 – Fungry Like The Wolf(man)

Once again we find ourselves back for another The Public Records' installment of the weekly album of the week.  This week we're going to take a little bit of a different approach than the usual artist and album.  First, we will present for…

Boogie To The Top Down In The Bottom

Hey there P. Recordeers as the new decade dawns, we're are back in action and hitting the ground running.  Over break we procured several crates of pure class wax and we'll be stocking the shelves with tons of awesome albums for the…