We’ve been putting out jazz and rock recently here at The Public Records and so thought it would be a nice mix to get a lil’ miscellaneous this week and mix it up with some albums that aren’t exactly homeless, but that one might otherwise not think about unless they’re in their face.  We took a little dive into our stocks and came up with an album of the week and ten on deck that you definitely weren’t thinking about.  And that’s a good thing.

Every day we are hit with the same tensity at work, at home,  out and about; online and offline the world is a demanding place.  Therefore, this week as we begin to winterize with soup and sweaters, The Public Records wants to help keep you cozy and contemplative.  For the album of the week for November, 8th 2019 we bring you the great words of the fellow who even had John Lennon asking for advice – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (World Pacific Records, 1967).

Maharishi Mahesh is the fellow responsible for Transcendental Meditation, a technique that he learned while studying under Swami Brahmananda Saraswati in the Indian Himalayas in the early middle twentieth century.  By 1955, he had formed his own methods and philosophies and was ready to go into to the world to instruct his own disciples.  He was obviously successful because in 1958 he had his first world tour and in 1959 he had conquered the west coast of America.

There, in San Francisco and also in London, he opened up his first training centers for Transcendental Meditation.  Then next year, 1960, he was touring the rest of the United States and deeper into Europe.  He began doing tv interviews and giving lectures, some drawing thousands of people.  He trained Henry Nyburg to be the first TM teacher in Europe and then returned to India to teach the first class of TM trainers while translating and adding his own commentary to the Bhagavad Gita

Things kept looking up for Maharishi Mahesh with book deals and prestigious lectures at places like Harvard and the UCLA, but it was his adoption of groups like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and others that really rocketed the world’s knowledge of him.  While there were some accusations and the fab four left with sour feelings, in the end all was resolved.  In fact, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is credited with bringing The Beatles back from the brink of breaking up and inspiring a catalogue of new songs.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi went on teaching, writing, lecturing, and expanding his world wide network with courses being introduced to universities around the globe.  He was able to convince the US army to adopt Transcendental Meditation to teach some of its soldiers and opened his own university in Iowa.  He kept expanding and expanding with world wide political party (the Natural Law Party), TV channels, and more and more training centers.

He was criticized by many Indian spiritual leaders for dumbing down and commercializing their beliefs and traditions and many have accused his NLP as just a recruitment source for his Transcendental Meditation courses (which he raised the prices for in both 1993 and 2003).  He died in 2008 in Vlodrop, Netherlands and despite disputes about his methods or goals, left behind a legacy of widely introducing Eastern spirituality to the west while helping millions and millions of people handle their days.

What better way to handle your day then with a Cadenhead’s Old Raj Dry Ginmartini?  Cheers and love.