As above, so below.  That’s how we’re rolling with The Public Records this month of October, 2019 as we not only keep our collection underground, but help with the festivities this year on The Green Roof where we’ll be spinning some selections of Teutonic tunes to help celebrate our own Oktoberfest.

The actual holiday is a relatively modern one.  The origin of Oktoberfest began on October 12, 1810 with the marriage of Bavarian Crown Prince Louis to the Princess Therese Sachsen-Hildburghausen.  In the times of monarchy, the royalty usually found it healthy for themselves to keep the peons happy and a great way to do that was sharing the wealth a bit (this was before social security but the people were still paying taxes).  An easy way to do this was to occasionally get them fat and happy and there is no better excuse to eat and drink than a good ol’ wedding.

So Louis and Therese are tying the knot and the ruling class decide it is in their best interests to invite the people of Munich to join in festivities in the fields in front of the gates of the city.  Tables are set up, food and beer flows, and horse races are held.  It is a smashing success and one that was fairly cheap and easy to pull off, so the next year it is repeated.  Then it is repeated again.  And then again.  Like most good ideas it spreads; first around Germany and then the world.

Globally horse racing has nothing to do with the holiday anymore, but the beer is still here.  Initially it was a one day event, but as it gained popularity more games were added and the festivities were extended.  A Greek delegation came one year and were inspired to restart the Olympics by what they saw.  Tellus360 is no different.  Adding its own little spin to it, Saturdays & Sundays during October from 4-7pm they’ll be Oktoberfest celebrations on The Green Roof.  Three of those Sundays, The Public Records will be up there playing music from all over the Germanic speaking world (anglophone excepted).  Beer drinking songs, polkas, volktunes, and even krautrock will be featured.  Heck, they’ll even be stein hoisting competitions each day where the lucky winner gets $100 cash!

Wir sehen uns dort!