Oooooooooooh!  Hello all you vinylampires, have we got a trick and a treat for you this Halloween weekend.  The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Ode Records, 1976) was originally a stage show that was quickly adapted to the screen.  It is a humorous rock opera written by Jim Sharman and Richard O’Brien as a homage to the B movies that the writers grew up watching, so much so that in the film adaptation the manor that the protagonists stumble upon and the antagonists party in is Oakley Court – an English country estate that was used in many Hammer Film Productions productions^.

Upon it’s initial release in America, it failed critically.  No one wanted to touch it.  However, it was at a midnight screening in New York City in 1976 at the Waverly Theater that everything changed; several audience members began participating with the film and soon it became tradition.  Around the same time in Pittsburg at the King’s Court Theater fans began showing up in costume and lip-synching along.  Soon, all over the rest of the country and then the world these ‘participation’ shows spread to the massive events that they are today.

The film is still released today and is now the longest running film in history and in 2005 it was selected by The Library of Congress for preservation in The United States’ National Film Registry.  Come and enjoy the sweet sounds of this sweet soundtrack and be sure to sip on a sweet Transvesper.


^Hammer Films Productions is an English production company founded in 1934 and dominated the gothic horror, science fiction, film noir, comedy and thriller markets and is still producing projects to this day.