Now that the weather has started to change in earnest, here at The Public Records in An Sibin at Tellus360 we thought it would entirely appropriate to hit with some cool tunes to go along with our cool evenings.  We’ve been piling up mid twentieth century American jazz in our storehouses and for the next couple of weeks we’ll be stocking the shelves with a chunk of that funk.

To get things really cooking, our album of the week for October 11th, 2019 features live performances of two of modern jazz’s most influential performers – Miles & Monk At Newport (Columbia, 1964).  Contrary to what the title suggests, Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk did not perform together at all the Newport Jazz Festival.  In fact, they didn’t even perform at the same festivals.

Miles Davis appeared at the 1958 festival with his sextet which featured the exceptionally big names of John Coltrane and Julian “Cannonball” Adderly while Thelonious Monk‘s quartet was recorded in 1963 and featured clarinetest Pee Wee Russell.  Not only were the two performances from separate events, but recording technology had also changed so the Davis performance was in mono with Monk’s in stereo.

Fun facts.  Be sure to pop down and learn even in person as you dive deep into what The Public Records has on its shelves.  Miles & Monk At Newport can be extremely enjoyed with a pairing of Tinto Negro Malbec.