Howdy all! Another week in our Summer Rock Block  ‘019, this time we’re coming at you right on the cusp of August (11:59pm; 7/31/2019).  Since it is such auspicious timing (12:00am now), we grabbed a multi treat for you: ‘Greenpeace – The Album (A&M, 1985).  This compilation album contains mix of new wave and pop rock hits of the era and features tracks by massive names such as Peter Gabriel, Tears For Fears, Kate Bush, George Harrison, Depeche Mode, and Queen.  The album was released as a fundraiser and the cover photo of the Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace’s flagship that was sunk earlier that year, and was taken by Fernando Pereira, a freelance photographer who was killed during the sinking.

Greenpeace is a very active environmental organization globally.  It was founded in the early 1970s and was quite creative in their ways of raising awareness on issues affecting the earth (like this album). Rainbow Warrior had taken part in multiple anti whaling, seal hunting, and nuclear testing activities.  This generated enough annoyance for enough people that the French Intelligence Service (DGSE) bombed the ship with two hull attached explosives while it was docked in the port of Auckland, New Zealand. Fernando was killed when he returned to Rainbow Warrior after the first explosion to save his equipment but went down with the ship after the second device detonated.

The album was inspired by other successful multi-track compilations from specifically West Germany and Denmark.  Initially it was a low effort project, but, you know artists, the idea took off and more and more big names volunteered rights to chart making hits (all but one of the songs on this compilation were previously released) and spawned a compilation music video video (yeah, VHS) later that same year, and a sequel album in 1989.

So come on down and enjoy An Sibin this weekend and all the great acts all over the building for the Tellus3city Fest and be sure to harness the spirit of Greenpeace – The Album by drinking whatever the heck you want, but don’t forget to not use a straw!