Well hello again, Tellus360 Public Recordeers. We are smack in the middle of our Summer 2019 Rock Block. So far we have featured Richie ‘The Opening Act Of Woodstock’ Havens, and those dark horses of the genre; Steely Dan. Recently we obtained a copy of a recent release Making the Most Out of Nothing (2017 independent release) by Akron’s own Nathaniel Kinsey.

We always love it when locals get involved in the biz and if someone is able to put out an album, even better – we’ll push it. We reached out to Nathaniel for a little info on his history and what went into the production of his record and here is what he had to say:

‘I started collecting records at a very young age so it’s always been a dream of mine to have one of my own. It’s been a long road. After failing at bands for years I said fuck it, I can kinda play a bunch of instruments and sing so I’ll do it myself. I wrote all the songs anyway so why not. I had help from Jon Covert who plays bass with the Levee Drivers, he played the bulk of the guitar solos cause I’m all thumbs with that and mixed it. I’ve learned a lot since we did this and look forward to releasing a better album next time both sonically and song wise but I still like the majority of these songs.’

There you have it folks, direct from the horse’s mouth. Now, not only does Kinsey lay down some wicked tracks, he also can be found behind the counter in a staple of Lancaster’s vinyl history, Record Connection, out in Ephrata. Opened in 1985, this hidden treasure is home to impressive selection of albums, singles, compilations, and all sorts of other accessories you might need for your turntable. Plus with Kinsey on board, you have a fountain of never ending knowledge to help you scratch whatever musical itch you may feel like picking at. (So be sure to stop out there and get to know the place and be sure to pick up a copy of Making the Most Out of Nothing on vinyl, CD, or, if you are very lucky, one of the handful of cassettes left)…and you should because this album is completely autotune free

Since Nathaniel is a fellow Lancastrian, we figured we should pair him with a local spirit, Thistle Finch’s Market Alley Gin (batch 09, bottle 664) for a tasty G&T to compliment some sweet, sweet jams.