Wello there dear Public Recordeers. It has been awhile, hasn’t it? No matter, we are back and ready to roll for the summer complete with a brand new collection for you to begin to explore. Get ready to get down with these new tunes on Friday nights in the coolest place (literally) in the building.

To add to our modest selection of international wax, The Public Records did a little digging in March and April to curate a burgeoning selection of all sorts of genres from that old world across the Atlantic. Then, voilà, the Euronation collection was born.

Coming at you with artists from the Hellenic, Germanic, Slavonic, and Romance language families, Euronation provides a small sampling of diverse influences from all over the continent. Europe may seem to be off in a remote corner of the Old World, but make no mistake, from the beginnings of history be it Persian invasions or Greek excursions, Asia and Africa have always had a massive influence in the cold north.

Whether the music came from the far corners of the Greek and Roman empires, or was brought into the land by the Arab and Turkish empires, a multitude of rhythms and instruments flooded even the westernmost reaches of the continent and helped to found the basis of what we are familiar with today. These earlier influences were expanded even further by the imperialism of the Western European powers of the last few centuries and what was brought back from the southernmost areas of Africa and Asia and even from the New World.

And then America happened. Adding to this already delicious stew of sound came the reverberations of an even greater mixing of sounds and styles. Gone was art and folk music and in was jazz, electrificity, blues, and rock’nroll. Now, millennia old rules and tunes could be reshaped, rearranged, and reborn.

And now, Recordeers, you have them…

Happy Digging!