Welcome back all! Last week’s group, Omega (from Hungary), had a doozy of a history. Members came and went, fights were had, and make ups were made. I apologize for the maze and will make up for it this week with a relatively straight-forward outfit.

Heading to the west end of the continent, this week’s The Public Records album of the week hails from Paris, France. Belle Epoque and their first album ‘Miss Broadway’ (Carrere, 1977) was a disco vocal trio active from 1977-79 and was comprised of a lead singer and two back ups.

The lead singer was a French woman named Evelyne Lenton, who had began her musical career in the early 1960s in France as the singer Evy. The back up singers came from two other countries; Jusy Fortes, who was originally from Cape Verde, and Marcia Briscoe from Atlanta, Georgia.

Right out of the gate, Belle Epoque was a hit. The trio covered a decade old tune by the Spanish band Los Bravos – Black is Black; and just like Los Bravos, they charted #2 on the UK singles chart and were in the top ten all over Europe. The disco remake of this tune was a number one hit in Australia.

Across the pond, over here in the States, they were famous for the opening and title track of the album (and ours of the week) Miss Broadway. This tune hit #26 on the US R&B chart and #92 Billboard Hot 100 in 1978 and both Miss Broadway and Black is Black hit #21 on the Billboard ‘National Disco Action Top 40’ for the summer of 1977.

Belle Epoque is romp. We have two of their three albums (‘Now’, 1979) on our shelves and the vocal abilities of these women and the arrangements of the songs are a high energy romp. And while the tracks that charted across the globe on this album are nothing but solid gold, the real gem on this album is the second track on the A side. ‘Me and You’ is a slow burn of nothing but sultry legatoness, be prepared to lose yourself in the lustful sonics of this trio.
This high class album pairs well with a high class cocktail, which is why we recommend enjoying Belle Epoque with a Junipero gin martini.

Disco on babies!