Welcome back to our last installment of McMarch down here in The Public Records. We got another rip roaring album for you for a grande finale. Although only an EP (extended play which is a few songs short of an LP (long play or full album)), it is from a an Irish band that everyone knows and loves.

The Pogues released Poguetry In Motion (MCA, 1986) was recorded on Stiff Records for its UK release and on MCA in North America. In hit number 29 on the UK’s Top 40 and was The Pogue’s first single to do so. It was also the first recording of the group to feature the members Philip Chevron and Terry Woods.

After The Pogues entered the music scene, there was some corned beef in the Irish music world. Noel Hill, from the highly acclaimed and influential group Planxty, thought that The Pogues were disrespecting the tradition of Irish music through their juxtaposition of punk and roots music and told them so on a live radio broadcast that featured all of them. In response, The Pogues wrote a tune called “Planxty Noel Hill”, in which the informal “cheers aka planxty” (also the name of Noel’s band) was a bit of a backhand to the older master.

Also found on this EP, produced by Elvis Costello, is a tune that fans of The Wire might recognize; “Body Of An American”. Those of you old enough to remember the 1990 SNL St. Patrick’s Day episode featuring The Pogues may also remember this tune and Shane MacGowan’s cigarette and very drunk antics…

Poguetry In Motion was released as both a seven and twelve inch EP. The Public Records has the 12” version so that means we’ll have to spin it at 45 Rotations Per Minute; so while that is whirling round and round and round why not knock back a Guinness or two and whatever Irish Whiskeys you damn well please! Slante.