Ranky Tanky at Tellus360 on March 21st

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On Thursday, March 21st, Gullah music group Ranky Tanky is coming to Tellus 360 and you won’t want to be anywhere else! This quartet released their debut self-titled album in October, which led them to be featured on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, along with their album reaching the #1 spot on the Billboard, iTunes, and Amazon jazz charts. Their infectious, playful sounds are brand new to Tellus and rarely heard across the Lancaster, PA area as a whole. Everyone will want to witness the introduction of this unique music to our county!

Ranky Tanky’s music is described as “Gullah music of the Carolina Coast.” The West African word “Gullah,” which is a descendant tongue of creole, translates to “a people blessed by God,” while “Ranky Tanky” can be translated as “Work It” or “Get Funky!” Their music is rooted in the jazzy, bluesy, spiritual-centered sounds of West African culture, while having a modernized flare.

Four of the members of the band started off as a jazz quartet in the 1990s, called the Gradual Lean, in their college in Charlestown, S.C. The idea to focus their sound specifically on Gullah music started after the recruitment of their lead singer Quiana Parler, who is a Gullah herself, as well as an American Idol alumna.

If you want to witness one of the rare times when this sound will be present in Lancaster, PA, grab your tickets to see Ranky Tanky today!

– By Kiana Corley