Welcome back disco discatarians! We have one more February disco album to feature for you and this fellow, like the disco movement, got his start in Pennsylvania – Bryn Mawr to be exact. Gregory Oliver Diamond was born in our lovely state in 1949 and was a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter as well as producer.

He was active in the jazz and disco scenes of the 1970s and collaborated consistantly with Luther Vandross, whom he met through his brother Godfrey while both Godfrey and Luther were working on David Bowie’s ‘Young Americans’.

Between the years 1977-79 he released five of his own albums under his name or the group Bionic Boogie. The 1978 album, ‘Hot Butterfly’ (Polydor) was his most successful – and our album of the week – and spawned the tracks ‘Hot Butterfly’, which featured Luther Vandross on lead vocals, and ‘Cream (Always Rises To The Top), which reached sixty-one on the UK Singles Charts in 1979.

Diamond wrote and produced for many artists, including George McCrae, and many other artists covered his work including Chaka Khan and The Sweet Insprirations. One of his more colorful clients was the adult film star Andrea True who he had his most commercially successful hit ‘More, More, More’ (1976, Buddah Records).

This fact is what, in our humble opinion, made and makes disco so great. The absolute free-for-all of artists and producers who came from massively diverse backgrounds. Racially harmonious groups, fusion of musical genres, and even singing porn stars; disco had it all. All for the the pursuit getting along. So please come down and enjoy and enjoy Hot Butterfly with Botanist gin (for the butterflies) and Bitter Lemon.

Boogie Down everyone!