From the moment I moved to Lancaster last August, I began daydreaming of a way to bring something that I hold so dear along with me. That something is CHIKARA – a family friendly, fun-filled lucha super party disguised as a professional wrestling promotion. Some call it “a comic book come to life”, I call it a major part of me since it came into my life 17 years ago. I knew from my days dancing to a ’80s Robert Drake dance party that THE venue to bring this to was Tellus360.

Luckily, they were open to our wackiness, because I can’t imagine this event anywhere else. After seeing all the creativity and wonder that has embraced Lancaster over the past several years, I’m truly honored to present the first pro wrestling event ever at Tellus360. Better yet, I’m honored to do it for such a great cause – the great work Arch Street Center does right here in Lancaster to aid adults with mental illness and give them a place to belong.

For many locally and everywhere, the words “pro wrestling” are naughty words. We aspire to do everything we can to change that opinion, one set of eyes at a time. We created the national holiday of “National Pro Wrestling Day” in 2013 to promote and embrace the positive power of pro wrestling. To create and broadcast a FREE to attend, charity event for all to enjoy. A donation is suggested and welcome, but definitely not mandatory. The content will be friendly to kids of all ages – we don’t insult anyone’s intelligence, we aim to present an escape from the perils of real life for 2 hours or so. We’ve worked tirelessly to take down any barriers between non-fans and us, the event is no risk for anyone to attend. Stay for a match, stay for the whole event, all we ask if you give us a chance!

Through the combination of our 33 amazing sponsors (many representing the offkilter and inventive spirit of Lancaster in 2019), a live raffle at intermission, donations collected in person at Tellus, and online virtual donations – our goal is $5000 for the Arch Street Center with a secondary goal of bringing a few smiles to some faces. We can’t spell FUN without U in it, so come on down to Tellus, bring a few open-minded friends and let’s do some good while feeling some good.


Since 2002, CHIKARA has been a market leader bringing their unique, family-friendly flavor of professional wrestling to a global fanbase. Taking the “fun-filled lucha super party” on tour and streaming onto screens via home video, Pay-Per-View, and Video on Demand has helped CHIKARA build a rabid following that allows this “comic book come to life” to transcend all boundaries. National Pro Wrestling Day is the 7th annual celebration of showing the world the positive power of pro wrestling. CHIKARA has toured in 6 countries and 22 states, and has reached millions of fans across 19 seasons of action, in more than 40 countries with their live streaming service.

About Arch Street Center

Arch Street Center’s continuing mission is to support the recovery of adults living with serious mental illness by providing social, moral and material support, recreational and hygiene facilities and fresh, nutritious meals in a safe, nurturing environment. We currently have around 300 members and serve approximately 45 individuals daily, or nearly 16,500 meals annually. Although there are other places in the city to find a meal there is only one place to find integrated services all year long. Arch Street Center provides a safe, judgment-free environment where members can feel safe expressing themselves, make and foster friendships and discuss their daily challenges, hopes and dreams. The members themselves become their own social support network, often filling a painful void left by family connections previously lost. Members at risk for social withdrawal, discrimination, employment limitations, homelessness and financial instability can find solace, encouragement, friendship, moral and material support through the connections they make at Arch Street Center.
-Bryce Remsburg