Where but in Lancaster can a chef buy enough locally grown ingredients to feed a restaurant full of people without ever leaving the block? Twice a week, Tellus360’s Axel Riveron crosses the street to quickly return with a cart full of the highest-quality produce available, grown right here in Lancaster County.

On this day, Axel starts his shopping excursion at Meck’s Produce where he is greeted by Phillip Bartelt with a wide-spanned slap of a handshake. Phillip is expecting Axel’s visit and has his order prepared; tomatoes, lettuce, and onions for burgers, potatoes for mashing, and red and green peppers for chilli. Axel says he and Phillip are old friends now and it shows. He takes the time to look over the stand and chat with his neighbour.


From there it’s just a zig-zag across the aisle to Shenk’s for poultry. Axel says he has now worked with Roger for a long time and enthusiastically endorses the quality of this product. Today its boneless chicken breast for chicken tacos, whole chickens for roasting, and some “soon-to-be-hot” wings.



The next stop at Maplehofe Dairy is for some special ingredients; milk for Axel’s one-of-a-kind mashed potatoes and local honey. Axel says the honey is a key ingredient in his balsamic dressing.

On his way out, Axel has one more oh-so-important stop to make. That’s a visit to Matt Underhill at Mean Cup Coffee. The roast of choice? Smokey Joe. With so much great coffee available in Lancaster, this is no place to skimp.

So next time you visit the Market, be sure to stop at some of these great stands. You can tell them Axel sent you.

-Bill Speakman