Howdy Public Recorders! Welcome to October (finally). Since ‘Oc’ rhymes with ‘Rock’, we have decided to honor the age old tradition of celebrating a ‘Rock’tober. In order to it proper, over the summer we played squirrel and buried our nuts for later consumption. We were sitting on decent stash of rock records from all over the genre.

We added a hefty dose of pro-audiotics to an already healthy collection so that you, our dear listeners, are able to select samples of rock’n’roll from its humble beginning in America and abroad.

As the music’s structure matured and technology to produce it advanced,

to the point where musicians and producers could play around with the concepts of structure and the abilities of the tech;

to the heyday of massive tours and even more massive budgets!

The beauty of rock’n’roll is that it really has no rules. It has an attitude, but that attitude is whatever you want it to be.

Where ever you come from

and no matter what age,

Let’s all raise a glass and give three cheers for rock’n’roll! Happy Rocktober and be sure to check out our updated shelves.