Listen to These Just In 3 – Lado A on Mixcloud!

Hola! We have a brand new collection down here in The Public Records. Throughout the summer, albums from Latin America have been slowly being stock piled in our secret stores in An Sibin. Past and present artists and groups from all over south and central America were amassed, organized, and cataloged in order to give you, our dedicated listeners, a tiny taste of the massive music scene going on all over the western hemisphere – from the psychadaelic Andes to Puerto Rican punk, we’ve got it and we’ll continue to grow it for your listening pleasure.

For our album of the week, we selected a contemporary group from Puerto Rico. The island has had a very rich history of 20th century music with influences from Mexico and many countries in south America as well as the rock and roll from the United States – groups like Telstar and The Wanderers were able to break into the major US markets in the 1960s.

The album featured this week is Davila 666’s ‘Tan Bajo’ (In The Red Records, 2011). The group, formed in San Juan in 2005, consists of 7 members and has been called ‘Menudo on drugs’. They have elaborate live shows with costumes, craziness, and a dedicated tambourine player. Punky like the stooges yet with pop sensibilities, Davila 666 has been able to stride into the continental US market by touring with The Black Lips and The King Khan & BBQ Show. Even Jack White wanted a piece of the action and recorded a live EP of theirs on Third Man Records.

Taking a cue from the Ramones, each member of the band: AJ, The Latin Snake, Gigi, Johnny Otis, Miss, Panda, San Pablo, and Sir Charles have all taken Davila as their stage surnames. They have released two studio albums (which we have) and several EP and singles records as well. We first heard of this group on NPR about seven years ago and when building our Latin American collection, their low-fi jams were a must have.
So come on down to the basement and take a break from that humidity as well as our usual features of classic rock and jazz and treat your ears to new sounds in another tongue; and speaking of tongues, treat yours to a Fernet con Coca (that’s a Fernet and Coca – Cola). You won’t regret a single minute of it.