Having a big record collection can be difficult. Things get misplaced all the time. This week we were cleaning up the collection and an album that was given to us as part of our first donation turned up.
Brandon Luna saw the Fly After 5 article about the beginnings of The Public Records here in An Sibin and was generous enough to help get us on our way. He donated a diverse collection covering everything from show tunes to hip-hop.
It is true that we do not have too much contemporary music on our shelves, but as time goes by our goal is to rectify that and build a library as diverse globally as it historically.
For our album of the week for September 9th, 2018, The Public Records features its first hip-hop album from the Brandon Luna Collection; Atmosphere’s ‘HEADSHOTS: SE7EN’ (Rhymesayers Entertainment, 1999)
This is a three disc compilation album recorded between 1997 and 1999. Made it to 165 on the Billboard 200 charts, 12 on the independent albums charts, and 100 the Top R&B/Hip-Hop charts.
Atmosphere formed in Minneapolis Minnesota in 1989. They are a duo consisting of a DJ and rapper (Spawn and Slug). They met a producer Ant and began working with him who was able to convince Spawn to rap as well.
Eventually the group grew to work with other acts and this was the Headshots side project. By the mid 90s they had become a national act and were featured on NPR several times. Atmosphere has worked with names such as MF Doom, Aesop Rock, and P.O.S. as well as many other large acts and they are still actively touring.
So while you are down here in the Sibin contemplating the rhymes and verse, we invite you to enjoy a smokey glass of The Black Grouse to the blood pumping as the beats are pumping.