About 15 people attended our “Event” at Tellus360 to mark our 150th bar visit. If you haven’t been there before, it is a great venue with individual bars on each of its three floors situated right in the heart of Downtown Lancaster. With the weather as good as it was, the logical choice of bar was the one up on the third floor roof!

Before we made our way to the roof, we were served our first beer by John on the first floor. He was very welcoming and advised that we could sample any of the beers before commiting to a full size glass but, being the experienced consumers that we are, we bypassed the sample and chose one of their Irish reds. There were 14 taps at the bar and John explained that the other two bars each had 10 taps but the most popular beers were available at each site. John also set up a tab for us that worked no matter which bar we chose to acquire our liquid refresments.

Greg greeted us when we arrived on the rooftop and basically took care of us the rest of the evening. It was interesting to observe how Greg handled a temporary problem with the tap system because he showed no frustration at all and assured us it would be fixed shortly. Within a 5 minute period the problem was resolved and he moved on to happily serving his growing legion of thirsty customers.

At one point I descended to the 2nd floor for a refill and was rapidly taken care of. My expereince there was the same as the other two floors – dealing with a person who made you feel at home and who appeared to enjoy what he was doing.

With all the company, we had little time to eat but did manage to sneak in an appetizer of tortilla chips with three distinctly different types of salsa. It was excellent and a teaser to assure our return at a date in the not too distant future.

#150 marked a milestone of sorts and we plan to forge ahead with our plan to visit all bars. We believe we will be doing this at least well into 2020 to achieve our goal.
-Retired Guys Beer Afternoon Blog

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