It’s Tellus3City Fest time! A whole weekend of non-stop local acts all over the building. To join in with the festivities, The Public Records has pulled its collection of local albums in solidarity with all the hard working Lancastrians in the music business in order to celebrate those who have committed their tracks to the wax.

Lancaster may be a rather small place; however, the amount of local music and types of venues around town is quite impressive. Whether it is our massive home base, Tellus360, the historic Dirty Ol’Tavern, or a rager at The Chameleon Club or The Village. Then there is The Pressroom, Annie Bailey’s, The Horse Inn, and even The Shamrock Cafe. Not to mention all the little pop up venues and cafes around town as well. Then there is Marietta in all her glory. This little region of Pennsylvania can get a little swinging.

To get in on all this action, The Public Records went into our Bands Of Tellus section(and a few others) and found that we have a small, yet solid beginnings of a local collection featuring the heady jams of Sleepy Limbs, the tight writing and musicianship of The Vivien Leigh Documentary, the earth tones of The Stray Birds, Octavia’s rocking and rolling harp, and a single from The Slackwater News.

With this collection we’re not off to a bad start, but for us record heads there can never be too much; so if you are a local band with anything on vinyl we are always happy for new albums, demos, and singles to throw up on the shelf. Stop by and let us know and also come on out this weekend for the August 3rd, 4th, and 5th Tellus3City Fest and get an awesome taste of the awesome scene around you.