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The Public Records 8/31/18

  • August 31, 2018
  • 1 Comment
  • Christian O'Rourke

Welcome again to The Public Records of An Sibin. We have a behind the scenes treat for you today: Sometimes we loose albums from our collection. Vinyl wears out and most of our albums come with some mileage on them;…

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The Public Records 8/24/18

Hello again friends. Another week, another album. You know the drill. We will be reaching again into Curtis Country (yes, we know we recently took a little trip there) for we have found a decent stash of interesting 'country' albums…

The Public Records 8/17/18

  • August 17, 2018
  • 1 Comment
  • Christian O'Rourke

Howdy all y'all. It's album of the week time again here in An Sibin. It's sunny, it's hot, and it's humid. It must be August. With that in mind, we thought some good old 70s rock to help keep what's…

The Public Records 8/10/18

  • August 10, 2018
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  • Christian O'Rourke

Hello all you Tellus360/An Sibin/Public Records fans. We hope you survived the Tellus3City Fest and are surviving the heat that's been this week. Luckily for us working in the basement there is air conditioning! Oh how the wonders of modern…

Tellus360 Artists Calendar: August Edition

Tellus360 Featured Artist, August 2018, Tricia Olivia
August 2018 marks the official launch of Tellus360's Artists Calendar project. We've been fortunate to witness such a variety of talent from Lancaster's creative community as a live music venue and events space in…

The Public Records 8/3/19(Tellus3City Fest Edition)

It's Tellus3City Fest time! A whole weekend of non-stop local acts all over the building. To join in with the festivities, The Public Records has pulled its collection of local albums in solidarity with all the hard working Lancastrians in…