Happy Pride Week! To help celebrate, here in the Sibin we selected a great album with a fantastic singer from the LGBT community: Queen’s ‘A Night At The Opera’ (Elektra, 1975). ‘A Night At The Opera’ when released was the most expensive album ever produced. It was a platinum selling album both in the UK and across the pond; in addition, the single from the album ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ became the band’s first number one hit in the UK and also had massive sales across the world.

The name of their 4th studio album comes from the Marx Brothers film which the band watched one during their time recording in the studio – according to Wikipedia (not a vaild source, I know, but we’ll run with it anyway…) And speaking of running, the openning track of this album ‘Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To…) was apparently a ‘hate letter’ to their former manager as well as being one of the three supersongs on the album; the other two being ‘The Prophet Song’ and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

The album was well received by critics as well although there has been some difficulty in pigeon-holing the genre. Some critics argue that it is hard rock, others will call it prog, or is it pop? Who knows and really who cares? Music is and trying to classify it too specifically can be a waste and a drag.

‘A Night At The Opera’ is arguably Queen’s greatest album – both financially and musically. It was here that they peaked creatively and not to the detriment of their following work; however, their following albums were nowhere near the creative level of this one. Brian May chalks it up to the mismanagement (of the ‘Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To…) kind) of funds, “ We had a kind of almost desperation about us too because we were totally bankrupt at that point. You know, we had made hit records but we hadn’t had any of the money back and if the A Night at the Opera hadn’t been a huge success I think we would have just disappeared under the ocean someplace. So we were making this album knowing it was live or die …” Who can argue with that pressure? Obviously noone because ‘A Night At The Opera’ has consistantly been ranked in the Top 100 albums over many, many years…

Ending on that bright note, come on down to the Sibin this Friday (6/22) and really show your Pride spirit by jamming out with Freddie and the rest of the boys of Queen and dig around a bit on the shelves of The Public Records and see who else you can find that we have from the community to really wiggle your ear drums and don’t forget to tickle your taste buds with a ‘Yass Queen’ pomegranate, rosé spritzer or a ‘Wicked Little Lancaster’ rainbow cocktail.

From The Public Records in An Sibin and Tellus360, we wish you all a Happy Pride Week 2018; and remember, all you need is love!