Well hello there. Wecome to The Public Records in Lancaster-famous Tellus360’s An Síbín. We have a very, very special treat for this week’s album of the week. And I do mean very, very special. We’ve been sitting on this album for awhile and with the break in the bad weather, thought it a grand time to bring it out. In fact, we literally just opened the seal (it’s been in shrink-wrap since ’87). Therefore, without further ado, we happily present Lancaster’s own Octavia Lamb’s Driven By The Harp (1987) which can be found in the Rose Marie Butcher collection.

This album features a great mix of originals, covers, and of course – the harmonica! The opening track, ‘Shake It Off‘, starts off with a funky bass line (Butch Stockton) and is quickly joined by a plucky, reggae-esque guitar riff (P.J. Clement). It is in a decidedly 80s hiphop vein with its drum machine beats, vocal effects, and production. A2 quickly follows as an up-beat and up-to-date version of ‘Do You Love Me?‘ The bass and drum machines decidedly compliment the unaffected harmonica. This short track is followed by a Latin flavored instrumental, “Slide Ride‘, that would be at home on any War album and features Bobby Conga on congas. Melding seamlessly into the short bossa nova ‘Twelve Moon High‘, Octavia provides airy vocals in this love song about sneaking off into the night before she closes out the side with a heavy version of ‘Stormy Monday‘ in which she really shows off her vocal chops.

The B side starts off with a sloppy jaunt on the upright bass (Rick Wright) with ‘Service Call‘ – a track about needing a little loving (if you know what I mean…). This nice little bluesy number features an all accoustic ensemble and about six finger snappers. B2 is a stripped down tune, ‘Three Strikes (You’re Out)’, with vocals that conjure up Joan Jett. The drivingness leads into a smooth 6/8 blues ballad ‘You’ve Succeeded (and Made Me Hate You)‘. This waltzy piece has The Armour Sisters on backing vocals. The closing track of the album, ‘Feel This Now‘, is another accoustic Cnumber that has a very 70s folk rock vibe that also shows off Octavia’s guitar skills and features Bob Freed on the Fake-O Cello.

It is great to be able to house and feature local musicians and their albums down here in the Síbín. It gives those in the know a place to come hear their favorites on a nice system in relaxed surroundings and for those who may not be aware of the local sounds, a place to discover them.

We fully recommend that Driven By The Harp be enjoyed with an Uncle Val’s Restorative Gin gin and tonic and sure to check out Octavia’s webpage http://www.octaviablues.com/ to see her upcoming schedule. Enjoy the weather folks….