Well Lancaster, we’re weathering the April showers, but the sun does come out, flowers are blooming, and leaves are budding! And even though here in the Síbín we don’t get much of that sun, we still know how to enjoy the season.So for this week’s album of the week, we picked a light heart jaunt through 60s bubble gum rehash of 1920s and 30s standards – The Golddiggers. This twelve member all women group that sang as well as danced was put together in 1968 by Dean Martin’s TV producer, Greg Garrison, and were modelled after ‘The Gold Diggers’ – female singers from Busby Berkeley’s Warner Brothers films from the 1930s and 40s.

Originally formed to fill airtime in the summer months, when NBC’s The Dean Martin Show would take its break. The Golddiggers were introduced to the public in the spring of 1968 by Mr. Martin himself. They took over his timeslot in June and filled in for him during those months that he was off. And they took off!

Dean Martin Presents The Golddiggers was the top rated series of the season and they were brought back again for the summer of ’69. They were also touring with Bob Hope on his USO tours and by 1970 had their summer show moved to London – Dean Martin Presents The Golddiggers in London.

Eventually they had their own TV show sponsored by Chevrolet and continued working closely with Dean Martin up into the 90s. Joining him for his Comedy Hour and roasts and touring the country, The Golddiggers were a massive success. Their combined power of vocal chords, choreography, and glamour allowed them to work with a wide variety of stars – from Dionne Warwick to Conway Twitty, Joan Rivers to Louis Prima.

Of course, over the years the line up has changed as people age or move on to different acts, but here in the Síbín we have their first album with the original line up! Not only that, it is a promotion copy that has been autographed by the entire group.

So while, your getting all your moxy down here in Síbín with The Golddiggers, be sure to enjoy the full experience with a Barton Special (that’d be Laird’s Applejack, gin, and scotch).

We’ll see you here kiddies…..