Uh oh….St. Patrick’s day. Need we say more? This weekend is the weekend to be at Tellus360. Luckily here in the Síbín we’ve been doomsday preparing over the last year and have built up the beginnings to a pretty slick collection of tunes from the Emerald Isle and other nearby places.

The Irish have a rich and long relationship with music. Even a millenia ago, monks were compiling the obituaries of prominent musicians in the Irish annals. This love and respect for sound makes it easy to understand why the world has its own love for melodies of Éire. In medieval Europe, many Irish musicians were sought as court composers and entertainers. And in more modern times we hear how the traditional folk music of Ireland, which moved to America with the waves of immigrants, influenced American folk music which itself influenced rock and roll, and then finally how that rock and roll influenced modern music back in Ireland proper (much to the same effect as what happened with the examples of Turkey and Yugoslavia). A strange twist of fate indeed.

Aside from only the folk tradition, Ireland also has a vibrant art music past; ranging from the Gregorian to Romantic periods and everything in between that was imported from continental Europe as well as having its own domestic art music style based on the Celtic harp. Up to 18th century, these harpers received patronage through local aristocracy. Turlough Carolan, the most famous of the harpists, has over 200 known compositions to his name – we just happen to have two albums featuring Derek Bell of The Chieftains performing Carolan’s tunes.

So for this week’s album, we’ll wait while you get yourself a Guinness and a Paddy’s to set the mood. When everyone is ready – The Best IRISH FOLK MUSIC from Fiesta records (1980). This is a compilation and features tracks by prominent acts of the 20th century. Planxty, The Dubliners, and Gemma Hasson are just some of the groups to be featured on this disc. Be sure to check out the rest of the collection (shelf A2) to find many more pleasant surprises while you take some time off from the celebrations upstairs to catch your breath. From Carolan to Christy, we have everything to need to make this year’s St. Patrick’s the craic!