Karen Blevins


Over 700 children enter Lancaster County’s foster care system each year.  

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Lancaster are volunteers that help children in foster care.  

CASAs are appointed by a judge to advocate for these children in the court room.  Karen Blevins has been a CASA for two years, and is currently advocating for four children on two different cases.  A retired CNA with a growing family, Karen can only be described as the energizer bunny! “The greatest gift you can give is your time, and so many children would love to have just a little of it,” states a very empathetic, yet witty, Karen.

Specifically, Karen recalls a recent case, to where she successfully advocated for the permanent placement of Ziair.  Ziair was in his mid-teens when Karen met him, and had been in and out of foster care since he was a toddler. Karen can very easily, but emotionally, describe their first meeting, “I could see the hurt in his eyes and the pain in his heart.  It broke my heart to see a boy that had so much potential, who never asked for the situation he was given, and was falling through the cracks…it lit a fire in me.” A year after that initial meeting, Karen watched as Ziair was permanently placed in the loving home of his aunt and uncle.  “All I could do was cry. His voice had been heard. It was like a flower blossoming.”

Currently, CASA of Lancaster is advocating for about 40% of the children in foster care due to a lack of volunteers and a lack of funding.  To learn how you can help, please visit www.casalancaster.org.

Melissa Leibig