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The Public Records 3/29/18

What a gloriously humid day it is today. Despite the clouds, there is a sense of twitterpation in the air. Children are doffing their jackets and bros are happily slipping into their shorts - even though it is still a…

Karen Blevins & Lancaster County’s foster care system

Karen Blevins

Over 700 children enter Lancaster County’s foster care system each year.  

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Lancaster are volunteers that help children in foster care.  

CASAs are appointed by a judge to advocate for these children in the…

The Public Records 3/18/22

Holy Moses! What a two weeks it's been here at Tellus360. Roots & Blues then St. Patrick's....phew, who needs a break? I can tell you, we're looking forward to a plain old weekend or two here in the Síbín. Anyhoodles; we're still…

The Public Records 3/15/18: St. Patrick’s Day Edition!

Uh oh....St. Patrick's day. Need we say more? This weekend is the weekend to be at Tellus360. Luckily here in the Síbín we've been doomsday preparing over the last year and have built up the beginnings to a pretty slick collection of tunes from the…

The Public Records Mix #5: “Bolloxology”

Every 2-3 weeks DJ Maxx will be putting together a custom mix using The Public Records collection in An Sibin for your listening pleasure! The Current mix will be up on our website and all mixes will be free to…

The Public Records 3/1/18: The Roots & Blues Special

Well 'folks' it's that time of year again when the streets fill up with revelers and the nights are full of tunage. Yep, you guessed it. Roots & Blues time. Now over here in ol'An Sibin we love roots and blues (especially beets).

Inside The Roots & Blues Festival with Rich Ruoff

Rich Ruoff-Lancaster Roots & Blues Festival founder

Lancaster’s one and only Roots & Blues festival is coming up fast and we had the remarkable opportunity to catch up with the man who started it all, Rich Ruoff. Everything you need to know about the festival…

Victory Brewing Company’s Headwaters Pale Ale at Tellus360

On Friday, March 2nd, Tellus360 will release Victory Brewing Company's Headwaters Pale Ale as one of its regular draught beers. We could not be more excited to offer such a delicious option from such a fantastic brewing company.

What's more…

The Public Records 3/1/18: Max is Back!

I am back and although I had a great time digging the old world stuff - American music holds a special place in my sonic heart. So what better way to get back into the 'swing' of things - no…