Peace On Tap explores America’s 80-year experiment with a permanent war economy. How have our interests impacted human beings across the globe? At home we inundate ourselves with war movies and video games and military surplus rifles are common. Is that weird? Every month, Peace on Tap offers a unique perspective that examines the legacy of our wars abroad and the influence of militarism at home.
Titus Peachy introduced the series in January, informing us of the work being done to eradicate unexploded ordnance in Laos, where American bomblets left over from the Vietnam War continue to this day to kill farmers and their families. In February, Chris Fitz and Kevin Ressler will explore how our society utilizes institutional racism and populist nationalism to ensure support for our imperialist designs. In March, Mustafa Nuur will speak to his experience as a refugee from Somalia, where American military action has been a primary factor in causing instability leading to prolonged civil war. As Lancaster rightfully embraces refugees, needn’t we also speak truth to the powers who perpetuate war, displace refugees, and rationalize civilian casualties in the name of profit?
Join us fourth Tuesdays in An Sibin, downstairs, at 7pm. Peace on Tap is free, so be kind and grateful to the bartender, who will be downstairs in An Sibin to ensure your refreshment as we all experience this eclectic, jarring, and illuminating series.

-Mark Temons