The New Year is just about here! Almost time for 2018 and all the excitement of new promise….so we figured that a prototypal album would be a great way ring it all in.

This week The Public Records is proud to present: Louis Clark conducting The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’s Hooked on Classics.

Released in 1981 by RCA this family friendly album revamps all those old standards into a continous upbeat disco dance medley. The synthesis of the old and the new (yeah, yeah. I know 1981 is not that new – but it is still fairly modern) with first class orchestration makes Hooked on Classics the obvious optimistic choice for the week between Christmas and the New Year.

With that said we invite to get out of the cold and come to An Sibin, go to the jazz & disco shelf, order up Tito’s and Tonic, and snag this album for a fun last Thursday or Friday of the year.