Sam Phillips. Elvis Presley. Johnny Cash. Carl Perkins. Jerry Lee Lewis. Sun Records. For better or worse, we can not deny that this label and these men changed American music in a small Memphis studio – Sun Records. Who needs to say more?
Well Stan Kessler, D.J. Fontana, J.M. Van Eaton, Paul Burlison, Sonny Burgess, Jerry Lee Smith, Marcus Van Story do! Who are these fellows you may ask? They are the men behind the magic – they are the Sun Rhythm Section.
These were the session musicians of Sun Records. Synthesizing the black and white southern American experience into an art form that conquered the world with its soft power – intriguing and influencing both west and east, north and the south (you know the globe) – that which came from this group is nothing short of amazing.
This album: The Sun Rhythm Section: Old Time Rock’N’Roll (FF 445 and can be found in our Rock’N’Roll/Funk’N’Soul – row B2) reunites the old stalwarts of the rockabilly era. These musicians, who moved on to work with many artists in other genres and on other labels, reunite in the mid 1980s to re-record their classics with the refinement and maturity that only age and experience can bring.
We invite you to come down to An Sibin, throw this ablum on, and enjoy a sonic romp of your favorite standards redone by the masters themselves.
  • Great for a listen or a read, backing for a conversation, or an intense session of Connect4®.
  • Joe P. pairs with a Dewar’s and water and a side of our sweet potato fries.
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