This year we started our first summer camp youth program at La Academia: The Partnership Charter School. At our camp we focus on celebrating the uniqueness of our students, the impact we can have on our communities, and the importance of using education as a bridge to connect those ideals. Each week has a specific focus, and for our inaugural year we decided to hold six main topic weeks: Community, Technology, Music, Sports, Animals, and Water.

For our music week we wanted to really help our kiddos learn how to connect with music directly, and we did that by encouraging “jam session” performances, debating about the cyclical impact that music and society have on each other, experiencing and evaluating the changes in music performance and appreciation over the last thousand years, and breaking down how musicians today make a profit through working with a team consisting of tens to hundreds of people.

We contacted the folks at Tellus360 and the Sugar Tank to see if we could arrange a day of mini field trips, and boy did they deliver! Joe at Tellus360 was excited to open his doors to us and arranged to have Bill Speakman show us around. The impromptu visit impressed kids and adults alike. Bill did an amazing job working with our kids, and Tellus360 showed their true colors as a community space. Our students had the opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of music production from several different perspectives such as that of a venue owner, a performer, a producer, and an audio engineer just to name a few. On the day of the trip our kids actually had a chance to perform on stage, get behind the scenes knowledge and experience about recording tracks, and enjoy playing the pianos found all around town thanks to the efforts of Music for Everyone. We hope that after these experiences our campers will walk away this year with a new-found appreciation for music, and maybe even discover their own talents along the way.

– Sean Kennedy

If you would like to learn more about the Summer Camp Youth Program at La Academia: The Partnership Charter School you can check out their Facebook Page or their Website